Sun in Capricorn


The Sun has been in Aries since March 21st and maybe that's why the whole freakin' world feels like it's on fire. Too much kinetic energy and not enough potential. Can you feel it building? It's not like there is a war everytime the Sun travels through this fiery of fiery signs, but things always seem to heat up.

April creeps into our lives beneath the blackened sky of a new Moon. Hiding in the shadows of Aries, the Moon is in a favorable position with Mercury, the planet of communication. It's a good time to start something you plan to finish as well as a good time to finish something you have started. But the less ambitious side of you might do better with a rare night on the town, smack dab in the middle of the week. Hook up with some friends. People watch. Binge drink outside the bus station. The world is your oyster!

Jupiter has been in retrograde, but on the 3rd of April the big planet goes station direct with the rest of the universe. What does this mean? Well,, Jupiter has been in retrograde since last December, so it can't be good. Nuthin' lucky. fucked up plans for travel. Self righteous bullshit. Blind ideologies. I'd like to say that all that's over now that Jupiter is on the right path, but Universe = Chaos...

On April 5th, Mercury moves out of angsty-happy Aries and into the more stable sign of Taurus. Expect communication to improve as the bull likes to get along, even if it has to gore you to death in the process. A few days after that, the Sun gives a go-ahead to Pluto for a freaked out fuck fest beyond any comprehension. That's a Wednesday, so you might want to plan for that ...if you're feelin lucky!

April 16th there is a full Moon in Libra and it's in one lame-ass position to the Sun. Forming an opposition with the big ball of fire always proves to be a trying period as the Libra energy makes it difficult to make decisions. If Libra has a fault, it's being able to see both sides of every situation with equal integrity. Perhaps a leashed tongue is good policy during this period.

The end of the month finds Mercury in retrograde. Yikes! Again? Just when things were looking up....









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